Job Description Information


Company: Talon Loans, LLC

Loan Officer Team: Zach Watson Team

Position: Loan Partner/Loan Assistant

I’m looking to hire a salary-based loan partner/loan assistant to join my team. We currently have one (1) available position. This position is a full-time position. A mortgage licenses will be required eventually but is not required initially. We have a generous compensation plan; the pay is a salary of $40,000 when licensed and will be discussed in detail during the interview.

You will need to know or be able to show you can learn quickly in order to pull and analyze credit; know how to review income and asset documents; have an understanding of how to structure a loan; have a general knowledge of Fannie Mae, FHA, VA and USDA guidelines; know how to run DU; know how to stack and submit files; know how to request and clear conditions; and know how to communicate with both borrowers and all involved in a transaction (Realtors, title, insurance companies, etc.)

We are looking for a genuine team player who is excellent at communicating professionally with clients and is incredibly committed to following through on tasks and assignments. You should be able to learn new skills and information needed to adapt to our ever-changing mortgage industry and have a self-motivated ability to “figure things out” along the way.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Taking applications and entering files/uploading documents into the database
  • Sending out needs list to clients
  • Following up on needs list
  • Tracking the mortgage pipeline
  • Calculating income and running DU
  • Helping clear conditions
  • Making sure closing happen on time and helping resolve any issues
  • Following up with parties related to the transaction

How to Apply:

Please send a copy of your resume to In addition to your resume please answer the following questions in the body of the e-mail-

  1. Why do you think you would be a good fit for this job?
  2. How would you rant your ability to use technology from 1-10?
  3. What loan origination systems are you familiar with? (“None” is a valid response)
  4. Do you currently hold a mortgage license?
  5. What is it that interests you in this position?
  6. What are 2-3 interesting things about you personally that are not listed on your resume?
  7. What are 2-3 Hobbies or interests you have?